What we do

What we do

The main objectives of MISA Tanzania are to campaign for Freedom of Expression and Right to Information in Tanzania hence promoting media diversity and pluralism. Here is what we do:

Campaign for Freedom of Expression and the Right to Information

This focuses on promoting legal reform and the introduction of new legislation to improve the protection and implementation of media freedom and the right to information in Tanzania.

Media Freedom Monitoring & Research

This has been MISA Tanzania’s key function since 1997. The monitoring of media freedom violations and development and the issuing of action alerts provides MISA Tanzania with an important advocacy platform.

Campaign for Public Broadcasting & Media Diversity

Under this programme, MISA Tanzania wants to promote an open system of broadcasting licensing, editorial independence and the introduction of a three-tier system of broadcasting comprising public, commercial and community broadcasting.

Media Support

This aims to promote and enhance media accountability and professionalism. MISA seeks to create awareness on the need for a code of ethics and self-regulatory bodies. MISA is also seeking to promote professionalism in the media through media training initiatives.

Legal Support

This consists of providing funds for legal assistance to media practitioners and institutions with the aim of protecting freedom of expression. In partnership with other human rights defenders we provide technical and physical support to journalists in distress and media houses in trouble.